Top 5 Indian Mobile App Development Companies

Top 5 Indian Mobile App Development Companies
Top 5 Indian Mobile App Development Companies

In the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of India’s tech industry, mobile app development has become the linchpin for businesses of all sizes. Here, we shed light on the top 5 Indian mobile app development companies, including the groundbreaking Mobile App Bnao, that have redefined excellence in the industry.

1. Mobile App Bnao

Website: Mobile App Bnao

Mobile App Bnao stands out as a disruptor, providing an unparalleled entry point into mobile app development for aspiring entrepreneurs. Priced at an extraordinary Rs 299, it offers VIP 1-1 consultations, comprehensive training, and exclusive partnerships, making it a catalyst for those with a vision but limited coding knowledge.

2. AppInventiv

Website: AppInventiv


  • 800+ professionals
  • 4.5 rating for quality on Clutch
  • Average hourly rate ranges from $25 to $49
  • Winner of India’s Growth Champions in IT award from Statista
  • Tech Company of the Year award from Times Business Awards

Founded in 2014, AppInventiv has solidified its position as a leading mobile app development company in India. Serving renowned brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, and IKEA, they ensure 100% transparency and professionalism, earning them a 4.7 rating on Clutch.

3. OpenXcell

Website: OpenXcell


  • A team of 500+ employees
  • 24/7 support
  • 1000+ software and mobile apps delivered
  • Awards from IGDA, JiraAlign, Zesty.IO, and more
  • CMMI level 3 company

OpenXcell, founded in 2009, prides itself on offering the top 1% of talent in the IT industry. With a 4.8 rating on Clutch, they are renowned for providing highly customized web, software, and mobile application development services.

4. ManekTech

Website: ManekTech


  • 12+ years in business
  • Served 500+ clients
  • Delivered more than 2500 projects
  • 400+ team strength
  • Recognized by Microsoft for offering high-end IT solutions

Recognized by Microsoft, ManekTech has been a key player since 2011, enhancing lives with customer-centric IT solutions. Their 4.7 rating on Clutch reflects their commitment to excellence, serving clients globally.

5. HyperLink InfoSystem

Website: HyperLink InfoSystem


  • 11+ years of experience
  • 4500+ mobile apps developed
  • 1000+ dedicated designers and developers
  • 110 million app downloads
  • An ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company

Established in 2011, HyperLink InfoSystem is a leading global mobile app development company. With a 4.9 rating on Clutch and clients like Disney and BBC, they’ve earned their position as a top-tier development company.

Mobile App Categories in Demand

As the mobile app industry evolves, certain categories have gained significant traction. Here are the top demanding mobile app categories that have reshaped consumer behavior:

1. Medical and Wellness Apps: With the onset of the pandemic, medical and wellness apps have become crucial, providing online medical assistance, stress relief, and mental health support.

2. Grocery Apps: The convenience of grocery apps, especially during the pandemic, has led to a surge in demand. Quick deliveries and efficient inventory management are key factors.

3. Education and Learning Apps: With remote learning becoming the norm, education and learning apps have experienced tremendous growth. Innovative apps are creating engaging learning environments.

4. Food Delivery Apps: Food delivery apps have witnessed significant growth, with users preferring the convenience of ordering meals from the comfort of their homes.

5. Finance Apps: Fintech solutions, including aggregator apps, payment apps, and investment platforms, are thriving. These apps offer convenience in banking, financial management, and investment.

In conclusion, the mobile app development landscape in India is dynamic and thriving. The top companies mentioned, along with the highlighted app categories, showcase the industry’s innovation and adaptability to changing consumer needs. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business, the possibilities in the mobile app realm are vast and promising. Invest wisely, innovate relentlessly, and embark on a digital journey that transforms ideas into impactful applications.

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