20 Easy-to-Use Productivity Apps for Your Indian Hustle (with Links!)

Feeling overwhelmed by to-do lists and scattered deadlines? Chill, fam! These 20 desi productivity apps will have you conquering your goals in no time:

Tasks & Time Management:

  1. TickTick: Simple, intuitive interface for task lists and schedules. (App & Web)
  2. Focus Keeper: Pomodoro Technique timer to boost your focus and beat procrastination. (App & Web)
  3. HabitHub: Build positive habits and break bad ones with playful streaks and challenges. (App & Web)

Finance & Budgeting:

  1. moneypatra: Track expenses, set budgets, and get spending insights in Hindi and English. (App)
  2. Groww: Invest in stocks, mutual funds, and gold with a user-friendly interface and expert tips. (App & Web)
  3. Niyo: Manage salary accounts, invest in SIPs, and access financial tools, all in one app. (App)

Learning & Skill Development:

  1. Udemy: Learn new skills at your own pace with thousands of online courses on diverse topics. (App & Web)
  2. Josh Talks: Get inspired by bite-sized motivational talks from prominent Indian personalities. (App & Web)
  3. Duolingo: Master a new language with playful lessons and gamified practice. (App & Web)

Creativity & Content Creation:

  1. Canva: Design stunning visuals like social media posts, presentations, and flyers with ease. (App & Web)
  2. Krock.io: Create engaging short videos for social media with cool templates and editing tools. (Web)
  3. Pocket: Save interesting articles, videos, and podcasts for offline reading and future reference. (App & Web)

Communication & Collaboration:

  1. Trello: Organize projects and collaborate with your team visually using boards and cards. (App & Web)
  2. Telegram: Stay connected with groups and channels, share files, and make voice calls. (App & Web)
  3. Zomato Chat: Seamlessly communicate with delivery partners and track your orders on Zomato. (App)

Health & Well-being:

  1. Headspace: Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to calm your mind and reduce stress. (App & Web)
  2. Practo: Consult doctors online, book appointments, and manage your health records. (App & Web)
  3. Fittr: Get personalized workout plans and coaching from certified trainers. (App & Web)


  1. JioSaavn: Groove to your favorite tunes and discover new music in multiple Indian languages. (App & Web)
  2. Swiggy Genie: Get groceries, medicines, and more delivered right to your doorstep. (App)

Go forth and conquer, desi hustlers! Remember, these apps are just tools. The real magic lies in your dedication and focus.

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