20 Best Websites and Apps to Help You Navigate Depression’s Dark Waters

Depression can feel like a heavy anchor, dragging you down into a sea of darkness and despair. But even the deepest waters have currents of hope, and the internet can be a powerful lifeboat. Here are 20 websites and apps, carefully chosen for their effectiveness and trustworthiness, that can help you navigate your way back to the shore:


  1. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): Authoritative information on depression, symptoms, causes, and treatment options. (https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/depression-listing)
  2. Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA): A supportive community of individuals and families affected by depression, offering online tools and resources. (https://www.dbsalliance.org/)
  3. The Jed Foundation: Mental health resources for teens and young adults, including depression awareness and coping strategies. (https://jedfoundation.org/)
  4. Headspace: Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to help manage stress and anxiety, often linked to depression. (https://www.headspace.com/)
  5. Calm: Calming music, sleep stories, and breathing exercises to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, crucial for managing depression. (https://www.calm.com/)
  6. 7 Cups of Tea: Free online therapy sessions with trained listeners, offering a safe space to talk and be heard. (https://www.7cups.com/online-therapy/)
  7. The Mighty: A platform for individuals to share their personal stories of living with depression, fostering connection and understanding. (https://themighty.com/)
  8. Active Minds: An organization dedicated to reducing stigma and raising awareness about mental health, including depression. (https://www.activeminds.org/)
  9. The Trevor Project: Crisis intervention and suicide prevention resources for LGBTQ+ youth, especially vulnerable to depression. (https://www.thetrevorproject.org/)
  10. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: A 24/7 hotline offering support and resources for individuals in crisis, including those struggling with depression. (https://988lifeline.org/)

Mobile Apps:

  1. Youper: A personalized mood tracker and mental health companion, offering daily check-ins, coping strategies, and support resources.
  2. Sanvello: Combines CBT techniques, mindfulness exercises, and social support to help manage anxiety and depression.
  3. Wysa: A friendly AI chatbot that provides emotional support and personalized mental health resources, 24/7.
  4. SuperBetter: A gamified app that helps turn challenges into adventures, promoting resilience and motivation in managing depression.
  5. MyStrength: Guided meditations, relaxation exercises, and journaling prompts to help manage stress and improve overall well-being.
  6. Talkspace: Access to online therapy sessions with licensed therapists, offering convenient and confidential support.
  7. Happify: Bite-sized activities based on positive psychology to boost mood and build resilience against depression.
  8. MoodTools: A comprehensive toolbox with CBT exercises, mood trackers, and safety plans to help manage depression symptoms.
  9. Headspace Go: Free short meditations and mindfulness exercises focused on stress management and emotional regulation, beneficial for those with depression.
  10. Shine: Daily affirmations, self-care tips, and inspirational quotes to promote positive self-talk and combat negative thoughts associated with depression.

Remember: These websites and apps are not a substitute for professional medical care. If you are struggling with depression, please reach out to a qualified mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment.

Bonus Tip: Consider building your own personalized mental health toolkit using resources like www.mobileappbnao.com. This website allows you to create your own custom app, combining features from different websites and apps to cater to your specific needs.

Taking control of your mental health is possible. Remember, you are not alone. Reach out for help, and let these resources be your guiding light back to the shore of hope and healing.

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